Gulf Coast

Our Gulf Coast work centers on two places: The Design Coast is a stretch of Florida Panhandle once populated solely with condos, T-shirt stores, and gas stations which has been transformed over the past three decades into the epicenter of the New Urbanism. This transformation began at Seaside, then spread to Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, and numerous other places. Julia worked for decades in Rosemary Beach, and her work there helped to transform the architecture into what it is today.

Our second Gulf Coast segment is the area affected by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. Steve was approached by the State of Mississippi immediately after Katrina about rebuilding that state's ravaged coast according to New Urbanist principles. He met with Andrés Duany, co-founder of the New Urbanism, who then called in the Congress for the New Urbanism, which orchestrated what is likely the largest planning event in human history. The Katrina Cottages initiative sprang out of the rebuilding effort, and was fostered by the New Urban Guild. Eric has likely designed as many Katrina Cottages as anyone, with many of them having been constructed. One of Eric's designs was built in New Orleans as the 2007 Coastal Living Idea Home.

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