Sky Method

The Sky Method was originally developed as a greenfield development tool as illustrated here, but it works equally well starting from an existing subdivision. It requires extraordinarily little up-front investment for several reasons:


Thoroughfare and utility infrastructure is only upgraded from one Transect zone to the next when the land it serves is upgraded. So you don't have to spend money today to build a full-size Main Street, with diagonal parking, wide sidewalks, and cast metal downtown light fixtures if Main Street businesses won't be occupying the street until several years in the future.

Land Purchases

The Sky Method makes all existing landowners partners in the recovery process. This means you don't need investors to come in at the beginning and buy up a lot of land. This could be the difference between the remaining development costs being financed out-of-pocket rather than having the interest clock ticking on a big bank loan… assuming the investors could even get the loan to buy up the land.

Development Character

The places we've loved the longest and valued the most, like the one illustrated at the top of this page, were almost all built incrementally by many people over time. These "most-loved places," as we like to call them, seldom had professional planners, but were simply towns built by the townspeople. And yet the character of these places can be so profoundly good that people will travel thousands of miles to visit them. We believe that the Sky Method taps into the underlying mechanisms of most-loved places that will allow the unthinkable: recovered sprawl that is so good that people travel long distances to vacation there.

Here’s a more detailed description of the process and benefits of the Sky Method.

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