Original Green

The Original Green is timeless sustainability. It is the system of sustainability that kept humanity alive for almost all of human history… right up until the Thermostat Age. Its sustainable places are nourishable, accessible, serviceable, and securable, and its green buildings are lovable, durable, adaptable, and frugal. Today, almost everyone has adopted a Gizmo Green mentality, which is the belief that we can achieve sustainability with better equipment and better materials. Gizmo Green does play a role in frugality, but it is a relatively small role because natural measures can condition us to our environment on all except the most extreme days of the year. This means that all those national sustainability discussions that are focused solely on Gizmo Green are missing the big picture of what real, timeless sustainability is all about.

The operating system of the Original Green is a living tradition. And the heartbeat of a living tradition is four simple words that carry the life-giving principles of that living tradition through an entire culture. Steve wrote the book on the Original Green, and speaks about it to audiences across the country and abroad.

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