Our work is driven by a number of ideals. The Original Green is the sustainability our grandparents knew by heart. It begins with the idea that we must first build sustainable places before it's meaningful to discuss green buildings within them. The Caribbean Rim is a collection of islands and seashores that share regional conditions, climate, and culture. The indigenous architecture of the Caribbean Rim is strikingly similar, and understanding why can guide our work in profound ways. The SmartDwelling ideal sprang out of exploration that we each have been doing for over a decade. SmartDwellings are on the one hand poetic and practical, enticing people to live in homes that can be much smaller because they are so much smarter. On the other hand, SmartDwellings take a critical view of the very fabric of construction, asking unthinkable questions like: should we really be using drywall? You only have a wall, after all, so long as you keep it dry. Let it get wet, and it goes to mush. Sprawl Recovery may well be America's greatest challenge of the next half-century. We've built trillions of dollars worth of sprawl since the end of World War II, so we can't simply walk away (although people are doing precisely that in many far-flung subdivisions). But for most of sprawl, we really must find a way to make it right.

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