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I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever, but have built a lot of cool new things elsewhere on the site… Check them out!

The Lotus Mission

Here’s the story of a place type I’ve been trying to get built since 1991… and I believe it may actually happen this time! The Lotus Mission is an assisted living center for people with autism. But instead of being designed as an institution, it’s built as an extension of an existing town so that it’s completely indiscernible from the rest of the town. The story takes you through the whole process of building it out from beginning to maturity.

Single-Crew Workplaces

I blogged about single-crew workplaces earlier. Here’s a page that lays out four of the most common types, with sub-pages that detail those types.

SmartDwelling Techniques

This page not only lays out what it means to build a SmartDwelling in greater detail than we have ever posted before, but it’s positively loaded with useful SmartDwelling techniques.

SmartDwelling I

If that’s not enough, here’s another page full of techniques from SmartDwelling I, which was published in the Wall Street Journal in April, 2009...

SmartDwelling II

…and here’s a page loaded with SmartDwelling II techniques not found on the other pages.

Urban Outdoor Rooms

Wanda and I just finished a book on outdoor room design. This page takes you through a set of outdoor rooms around a house in a traditional neighborhood setting that’s fairly urban. Ever heard of a Coffee Cove? It’s one of eight room types shown. Together, they occupy the entire lot, so there’s no lawn left to mow… just one room with a sod floor that you could trim with a string trimmer if you like.

Agricultural Outdoor Rooms

Here’s a page that illustrates agricultural outdoor rooms in a more rural setting, like maybe on the edge of a neighborhood. This example pairs two cottages on a single lot, with one cottage owned by the urban farmer and the other rented out to a tenant.

Culinary Agriculture

But how do you find people today who want to be farmers? How many kids today do you hear saying “I want to grow up and be a farmer?” The culinary world, on the other hand, is glamorous, complete with its own TV shows. This page lays out an idea: frame craft agriculture as part of the culinary process.

Walk Appeal & Maker Spaces

Walk Appeal is one of the foundations of Sprawl Recovery. The Maker Space is a building type that arguably depends on Walk Appeal to fuel its innovation more than any other type; the makers just don’t yet realize it. Here’s what they’re missing.

The Sky Method Illustrated

The Sky Method is another Sprawl Recovery foundation. Here’s a page we’ve just built describing how the Sky Method works in detail.

See anything useful here? We’d love to hear what you think!

~Steve Mouzon


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